Welcome to the Parent Support Service

The Parent Support Service was set up in 2007 by Clinical Psychologist Dr Victoria Samuel to enable parents in Bristol to access evidence based parenting guidance and child and adolescent therapy.

Over the years, demand for child therapy has significantly increased as have requests from adult clients seeking independent therapy for themselves. This led to the formation of Bristol Psychology Services in 2012, for which Dr Samuel is Clinical Lead.

Bristol Psychology Services provides a single point of contact for referral to an extensive network of experienced, highly qualified independent therapists, including Clinical Psychologists and CBT therapists, working from a range of locations across Bristol and the surrounding area.

To streamline provision of all psychology services - parenting consultations, child and adolescent therapy and therapy for adult clients - all services are now accessed via Bristol Psychology Services. Please be assured that all services provided under The Parent Support Service including practical parenting guidance, assessment of child behaviour and child development, and provision of child and adolescent therapy, such as CBT, are all still available in the same way.

To access these services please follow the link to Bristol Psychology Services.